Life Coaching for Less Stress
and More Joy

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What do you do when everything seems great but you aren’t happy?


You have a great career, a family who loves you, a great group of friends but you find yourself wondering why you aren’t happier.
Time is flying by and you judge yourself for not having it all together and feeling so stressed and overwhelmed.
If only life would slow down, you might have some time to figure it all out.

You’re not alone.

Most women find themselves approaching mid-life wondering if they are living the life they were meant to live. They feel overwhelmed, stressed out, like they are living on a treadmill that never stops. There is a nagging sense of dissatisfaction inside.

Life can be different.

You can have Less Stress and More Joy.  You can finally feel better, shine brighter, and live bigger.


Hello I’m Jennifer,

I’m a life coach who helps women just like you break through old habits and thought patterns to get the life they want.

I understand what it’s like to feel like you have it all together on the outside but are struggling on the inside. At one time I believed that my performance was more important than who I was. I gave away my peace, my power, and my joy to perfectionism, performing, people pleasing and pretending. No one knew I was struggling on the inside, but my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be.

That all changed when I invited two of my closest friends to join me in what would be my first unofficial “Life Coaching” group. That simple invitation, 11 years ago, changed the trajectory of all of our lives. Before I even knew what a life coach was, I was becoming one.

As I helped my friends and myself figure out who we were, what we wanted out of life, and what was getting in the way,  I realized I had a passion and gift for this work. I wanted to continue to become my authentic self and to help as many people as I could to feel better, shine brighter, and live bigger.

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When I started working with Jennifer, my daily struggle to focus and set priorities was interfering with my productivity. In just 5 sessions, Jennifer helped me to identify the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from
achieving my goals. I learned to incorporate mindfulness, gain clarity on my own core values, set personal goals, and develop a tolerance for imperfection. As a result, I am able to make decisions more quickly, choose priorities based on what matters most to me, and accomplish more
meaningful tasks in less time.
I began to work with Jennifer because I was at a point in my life where I felt “stuck” both
professionally and personally, and knew that I needed some assistance to help find “Me” again. Jennifer guided me through questions and her holistic approach allowed me to identify what I truly needed in order to achieve happiness and success in my life. This re-assessment of myself and my personal motivation helped me to imagine both my ideal professional and personal states, and then create a path to reach them that aligned with my heart-driven purpose. I was able to change my focus towards the direction of what I truly wanted to do instead of just what I thought I “could” do.

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The Process

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Schedule a free call
This is a simple call to discuss your goals and for you to learn how life coaching can help

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Choose a Plan
Based on your goals, we’ll choose the best coaching package to help you succeed.


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Change your Life
Learn how to break free of old patterns and live the life you were meant to live

“I am so grateful for the judgement-free, safe and sacred space that Jennifer holds for me each session. I have shared some of my most raw and honest emotions, and in the middle of that mess, she has a way of drawing out things that I didn’t even see were there. Before working with Jennifer, I felt heavy, overwhelmed and stretched thin most of the time. Jennifer has facilitated powerful shifts for me; and I now embrace my humanness, speak more kindly to myself, take better care of myself, nurture my marriage in new ways and recognize the behaviors that keep me feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I feel lighter, better equipped to handle the inevitable (and a lot of times, beautiful) messiness of life, more grounded and grateful for the joy found in ordinary moments.”

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Counseling focuses on healing and processing of difficult emotions, and is provided by a licensed mental health professional. Where Coaching focus on the future, on where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

Life Coaching is about your hopes, dreams, and desires and overcoming the obstacles that are getting in the way. Life Coaching clients are in an emotionally stable place and life is good for the most part.

A person typically hires a coach because they want to take their life to the next level and/or they sense they are getting in their own way of success and fulfillment.