Helping leaders Play to their
strengths and Build teams that thrive

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create A workplace where employees thrive


Today’s employees won’t thrive under the ‘old rules’ of the workplace. They long for a place where they will be seen, known, and valued for who they are. They want to bring their creativity, talents, and ideas into their work. They have enormous potential to take your company to the next level but cookie cutter corporate training doesn’t work for them. They want their managers to know who they are and to help them shine. In return, they're willing to give their all for a company that really values them. 



Strength based coaching - A better alternative


Too often we’ve been told to focus on overcoming our weaknesses but research actually shows that our greatest opportunity for growth is in the area of our strengths. When you know your individual strengths (and those of the managers and employees around you) and you actively encourage everyone in your organization to use those strengths at work each and every day, you’ll create an environment that allows your employees to thrive. The result will be lower employee turnover, higher customer satisfaction, greater collaboration, and increased profits.


I hired Jennifer to help with team building and morale. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but the Strengths workshop went way beyond my expectations.  She changed the environment at our practice. It’s been such a positive experience for us                                                                             


Michele Walker
Practice Administrator

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Jennifer Grote is a Strengths Champion Certified Coach® for individuals, managers, and teams who want to leverage their innate talents to shine brighter and achieve more together.

She is also a Nationally Board Certified Integrative Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Mindfulness practitioner. With this foundation she is able to bring a unique perspective to employee engagement and work life balance. Jennifer helps individuals and teams to thrive utilizing strengths, stress management, and work-life balance strategies.

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 speaking and workshops


When it comes to your organization’s needs, there’s no such thing as a one-size fits all approach. As a Strengths Champion Certified Coach® and Board Certified Integrative Health Coach, I offer customized presentations & workshops to meet the needs of your team or group.

My goal in speaking to your organization is to inspire, empower, and uplift your team so they can take your business to the next level. Together, we will discuss the unique needs of your group.  I will then tailor my message to meet your desired outcomes for maximum impact!

I will, at your request, tie into my presentation your meeting theme, company mission, vision and values.


Sample Speaking Opportunities:

✦ Keynote Speech for Company Sponsored Event
✦ Lunch and Learn Seminar
✦ Sales Meeting Motivational Speaker


Sample Speaking Topics:

✦ Feel Better: Achieving Work Life Balance
✦ Shine Brighter: Working with Your Strengths DNA
✦ Live Bigger: Becoming an Unstoppable Dream Team

Sample Workshop Themes:

✦ Half and Full Day Workshops
✦ Strengths Based Selling
✦ Strengths Based Team Building
✦ Strengths Based Customer Service

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Beyond the assessment - coaching


You took the Strengthsfinder® assessment and discovered your innate talents, now what? How do you develop your unique talents into world-class strengths? How do you apply your strengths to work and important areas of your life? It’s one thing to know your strengths and those of your team, but it’s a completely different thing to powerfully leverage them everyday. Coaching is the catalyst that can turn your talents into strengths!


customizable ways to work together


Individual Strength Based Coaching

Perfect for leaders, emerging leaders, or employees who need to build some confidence in order to maximize their contribution


Team/Group Strength Based Coaching

Get the most out of your team by helping them understand their strengths and learning how to communicate and lead more effectively


Virtual Coaching

Available for teams or individuals who don’t have the ability to schedule in person sessions

 To get started

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“Discovering our Strengths has been both eye opening and productive for our practice. It’s shown us ways to grow as individuals but also created opportunities to grow our business. We thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from Jennifer’s Strengths workshop, and we would recommend this to other small businesses and teams.”                                                                       


Dr. David Walker, DVM
Chief of Staff



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